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Meet the Team

Anthony | A.B. Hadley, Inc


Anthony is our shop foreman and our European vehicle specialist. Anthony has a very impressive background of military experience and auto repair shop experience. This makes him the perfect person to lead our team of technicians to success.


Anthony has years of experience working on all makes and models but prefers to work on BMW, Mini, Mercedes, and Audi. You will be hard-pressed to find a mechanic who knows your European vehicle more than him. He knows them and loves them.

Anthony’s mechanic experience is expansive and impressive. He spent a lot of years working for dealerships before moving on to independent shops.

  • He spent many years working for Carleson Cadillac, Jerry Seiner Cadillac, Young Cadillac, and Freeway Cadillac. After that, he moved on to gain experience as a European mechanic. He spent years with BMW of Murray and Strong Porsche, Lotus.

  • Although he enjoyed the experience and training he received working for the dealerships, Anthony felt the culture of independent shops was a better fit for him. He moved on to spend years working for independent shops. He has gained experience working on all makes and models, but his passion is to focus on the European makes.

  • Now, on our team, he is the mechanic who gets the bulk of the heavy diagnostics on BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen. He has all the OE-level equipment to aid in diagnosing any issue you may be having.

Anthony also has a very impressive military background. He retired as a Master Sgt. in the US Army attached to The 52nd Support Division in EOD after 23 years. He has been all over the world protecting our families, including the Gulf, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Syria, Bosnia, and much more. This experience really shaped Anthony as an amazing leader. He has two younger mechanics working for him at our shop who are lucky to receive his guidance.

If you get a chance to meet Anthony (Tony), shake his hand and thank him for all he has done for our country!

Brad | A.B. Hadley, Inc


Brad is our lead mechanic in our auto repair shop.  Brad has many years of experience and knowledge as a mechanic. We are able to utilize Brad to diagnose and repair anything we throw his way.  He is extremely versatile with his skill set.


Brad has many years of working on all makes and models but specifically shines on our Asian Makes, including Subaru, Honda and Toyota.  He is also the guy most commonly working on the trucks and SUVs you bring into us, including Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Ram, and Ford.


Brad has an impressive resume including mostly dealerships and some independent shops. We were lucky to get the chance to interview and hire Brad to be our lead mechanic in our shop a few years back.  Our shop has grown by leaps and bounds since he joined our team of mechanics.

  • Brad's experience at the dealer gained him a lot of knowledge working on Asian vehicles. He is one of the best I have met when it comes to Subaru, Honda, and Toyota. His dealer experience has also been very helpful on Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan vehicles.

  • Brad’s dealer experience also comes in very handy when working on your trucks and SUVs.  He is well-versed in gas engines and diesel engines.  He has experience with the big 3, including Chevrolet/GMC, Ford, and Dodge/Ram.

  • Now, as lead mechanic in our shop, he is often the one we dispatch engine problems like Cylinder heads, timing chains, timing belts and engine replacements.  Brad shines on the bigger and more difficult types of repairs.  


Once again, Brad's versatility as a mechanic is very uncommon in our auto repair industry and really helps with our workflow.  Having a mechanic who is happy to tackle any type of diagnosis and repair is a huge part of our recent success.


If you get a chance to meet Brad, he is an amazing mechanic yet a very humble man. This is another rare find in our auto repair community.

Ethan | A.B. Hadley, Inc


Ethan joined our team in 2023.  Ethan’s abilities as a mechanic are far beyond his years.  Ethan has been lucky enough to apprentice with our shop foreman, Anthony for many years.  His work ethic and humility make him the perfect candidate for Anthony to share his decades of experience with him.


Ethan has a fairly even balance of experience in independent shops and dealerships.  The bulk of his experience came from another local shop that specialized in European makes before they sold the business.  Ethan is well-versed in all makes and models but prefers BMW, Mini, Audi, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.

  • Ethan's time working for one of the big dealers in our area exposed him to great factory training and procedures.  Although I don’t agree with the way a lot of dealers treat their mechanics, they do have great training available.

  • Ethan's time working for independent shops includes tire shops and general repair shops. This has allowed Ethan to gain experience on all the easy stuff like suspension repairs, alignments and brakes. 

  • Ethan's time apprenticing under Anthony has allowed him to gain an impressive amount of experience in all the more difficult repairs. Whatever your concern may be, Ethan will do a great job of diagnosing and repairing it.  In the rare chance he is not 100% confident, he is lucky to have Anthony to help him out.


Ethan’s strong work ethic and humility make him a perfect match for our Culture here at A.B. Hadley.  He has a little less than a decade of mechanic experience but once again, is wise far beyond his time.


If you get the chance to meet Ethan, he is a many of few words but is a great young man!

Garrett | A.B. Hadley, Inc


Bio coming soon!

Wyatt | A.B. Hadley, Inc


Bio coming soon!


Family-owned and operated for over 90 years, A.B. Hadley Inc. has grown along with South Ogden since its founder first opened the doors in 1931.

Born in 1912, Alonzo Brigham Hadley, also known as "Lon" or "A.B." in local circles, opened this business hoping to provide for his wife and growing family. Together, they had several children, including son Boyd Hadley, who was born in 1941. 

Boyd started working in the repair shop and learning the trade in his early childhood, eventually taking over the business in 1970 a few years prior to Alonzo's passing. 

The family tradition remains intact three generations later, with Boyd presently running the business with his son, Chris.

A.B. Hadley Inc. is one of the oldest family businesses in the Ogden area, and the Hadleys attribute this to their dedication to excellence.

Their reputation for trustworthiness and reliability makes A.B. Hadley Inc. the best choice for all your automotive needs.

The City of Homes

Long before South Ogden became known as "The City of Homes," Alonzo Brigham Hadley was working hard to build up his auto repair business on Washington Blvd. Hadley...known as 'Lon' or "A.B.' to the locals...remained involved in the day-to-day operation for the next four decades until his son Boyd took over ownership in 1970.

A.B. Hadley Frontage - todayA.B. Hadley - in the past