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About Us

Family owned and operated for more than 80 years, A.B. Hadley Company has grown along with South Ogden since its founder first opened the doors in 1931.

Born in 1912, Alonzo Brigham Hadley, also known as "Lon" or "A.B." in local circles, opened this business hoping to provide for his wife and growing family. Together they had several children, including son Boyd Hadley, who was born in 1941. 

Boyd started working in the repair shop and learning the trade in his early childhood, eventually taking over the business in 1970 a few years prior to Alonzo's passing. 

The family tradition remains intact three generations later, with Boyd presently running the business with his son, Chris.

A.B. Hadley Co. is one of the oldest family businesses still in existence in the Ogden area, which the Hadleys attribute to their dedication to excellence.

Their reputation for trustworthiness and reliability make A.B. Hadley Company the best choice for all your automotive needs.

The City of Homes

Long before South Ogden became known as "The City of Homes," Alonzo Brigham Hadley was working hard to build up his auto repair business on Washington Blvd. Hadley...known as 'Lon' or "A.B.' to the locals...remained involved in the day-to-day operation for the next four decades until his son Boyd took over ownership in 1970.

A.B. Hadley - in the pastA.B. Hadley Frontage - today