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Auto A/C Service and Repairs in South Ogden, UT - A.B. Hadley, Inc.

The A/C system on almost all vehicles are very similar. It compresses a gas (freon) and circulates it through a series of lines, drier, and condenser, eventually cooling off a part in your dash called an evaporator. The blower motor (fan) then blows air through the cold evaporator and out the vents.

Although most makes and models of vehicles utilize a very similar system to create cold air, it is a very complicated and sensitive system that requires the knowledge to service properly. The days of running over to the parts store to get a can of freon to add to your system are long gone. The newer your car is, the more important it is to have a very exact amount of refrigerant in the system.

If your ac system is not blowing cold, the most common cause is an incorrect or low freon level. This will require hooking your vehicle up to an air condition service machine, removing and measuring how much refrigerant comes out. Once all the refrigerant (freon) is out, you must then allow the ac machine to pull a vacuum on the system for at least 10 minutes to remove any air or contaminants. It is also a good idea to close the service valves once the system is done vacuuming and watch gauges for several minutes to see if it maintains vacuum pressure. If vacuum bleeds off, you know your system has a significant leak somewhere that will require a repair. If the system holds vacuum, proceed forward with charging your system to the correct level of refrigerant. There is typically an air conditioning label under the hood that identifies the quantity needed. If not, there are many online sources to find the correct level. It is also a good idea to add a small amount of U/V dye to the system why charge. Freon is a clear gas making it very difficult to find small to moderate leaks. Utilized the U/V dye will help you find those using a black light after running the ac system for a while.

Although incorrect freon level is the leading cause of ac concerns, there are many other things that can cause your system to not function properly. Problems with the belt that runs the A/C compressor. Problems with the electrical system that commands the system on and off. Problems with the cooling fans that draw air from the A/C condenser. Internal failures of the major parts like the A/C compressor, expansion valve or orifice tube. It is my recommendation that only people specifically trained on air conditioning systems should service and repair.