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Blue Subaru Outback in Ogden Utah. Original Photo by  A. B. Hadley Inc.

Service and Repair of Subaru Vehicles

Why A.B. Hadley for Subaru Repairs?

We can all agree that your Subaru just may be the perfect Utah car. The all-wheel-drive makes sense for getting us through the winter season. The high crash test ratings help when we are sending our loved ones out on the road with all the other crazy Utah drivers. Subaru also does a great job of manufacturing several models that appeal to all different age groups and types of people. Whether you are my age and looking for size and comfort…or you are the age of my kids looking for something fun to drive, Subaru has us covered.

Our mechanics here at our Ogden shop know your Subaru just as good or better than anybody.  Yes, that even means the Subaru dealers! My opinion of what makes the best Subaru mechanic is as follows:
Years of experience in maintaining and repairing Subaru’s.  Our mechanics have been working on Subaru’s for years, and when I say years…take a look at our pictures…we are not spring chickens anymore..haha
Year of Training on Subaru makes and models.  One thing that is helpful for our Subaru mechanics is that Subaru only has a few drivetrain packages and they tend to utilize them for several years. 
This allows our mechanics to become very familiar with the common drivability problems with your car.  That being said, our mechanics attend quarterly training courses to make sure they are keeping up with the latest technology and trends.


Our mechanics believe strongly in preventative maintenance.  Your Subaru gives you years and miles of reliability, as long as you take care of it. 
One of the best things you can do to keep the cost of ownership of your Subaru as low as possible is to perform scheduled preventative maintenance.  Keeping the fluids full and clean, keeping the filters changed, and regularly rotating the tires are all good things to remember.  Don’t you worry, our Subaru mechanics know just when these things are due and what to be watching for as you bring your Subaru in for repairs or maintenance and they will be sure to make recommendations to help us remember.

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