South Ogden Ford repair

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Why should you choose us to work on your Ford vehicle?


  • Ford is the top make that we service and repair here at our Ogden repair shop. Ogden, Utah loves its Ford vehicles and especially its Ford Trucks and SUV’s. We are no exception to this. We have owned our fair share of Ford’s over the years and currently have a Ford SUV as our shuttle vehicle due to its sexy good looks and all-wheel drive to survive the winter road conditions.


  • Our Ford mechanic knows your vehicle as good or better than anyone out there. Yes, that includes the​ Ford dealer. There is no replacement for experience and our mechanics here have several decades of experience working on your exact vehicle. Our mechanics also receive numerous hours of training to keep up with the latest models, latest changes, and most common problems. All that experience doesn’t do you any good if you don’t keep up with what is going on today.


Ford makes a lot of good vehicles, but like all models, there are some common problems that we have identified with most drivetrain packages. This will come as an advantage to you when it comes time to diagnose any problem you may be having. 

  • The faster your mechanic can identify your concern, the less money it costs. Our ford mechanics know how to quickly find any issue you may be having whether it is an oil leak on your newer eco boost, a hard to start problem on your power stroke, or check engine light issue on your SUV, we will get it figured out for you.

Ford fusion and ford F150 Raptor repair in South Ogden Utah - A.B. Hadley, Inc.