South Ogden auto repair

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Domestic Vehicles

We proudly service all makes and models in our repair shop but our mechanics have put an emphasis on specializing on some specific makes. We have over 100 years combined experience combined with countless hours of training to stay up to date on any problem you may be experiencing.

Domestic Vehicle Repairs:

We service the car you use to commute to work and back, the Suv or MiniVan you use for hauling your crazy kids around and we also service the full size trucks and Vans you utilize to operate your business. Due to popularity combined with the businesses in our area, we work on a large number of Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, Dodge and GMC vehicles. Several of our mechanics have worked for the dealerships before joining our team and were able to receive all the factory training and experience at the dealer level. Now on our team, they have decades of combined experience on all things Ford, GM and Ram.

Fleet Service and Repairs:

We service the fleets of several area businesses. Plumbing companies, electrical companies, disaster clean up companies and many more in the area count on us to keep their work vehicles on the road. Our mechanics have a ton of experience on gasoline engines and diesel engines. Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram and Dodge trucks are frequently in our shop for service. We also have a lot of full size vans and sprinter vans in our shop often. We know them well and consider it an honor to help keep area businesses operating smoothly. If you have business owned vehicles, talk to us about our Fleet Program. We understand the struggles of having a work vehicle out of commission and have some things in place to take good care of you.

Ford Vehicles:

We consider ourselves a Ford specialist. Our mechanics have gained experience and training working for the Ford dealerships before joining our team. Our mechanics have also gained a ton of experience and training working here in our shop. At any given time, we have at least a couple Fords in the shop being repaired. They are very popular in our area. We are also one of the only independent shops that know your Ford PowerStroke Diesel better than anyone. We utilize a Ford Edge for our shuttle, a Ford Truck and Ford Explorer for loaner vehicles and I myself drive a newer PowerStroke for hauling all my toys. We know them and we love to work on them.

Chevrolet and GMC:

Our general manager Jeff and our lead technician Brad both spent a big part of their career working for a local Gm dealer before joining our team. The know them inside and out and love to work on them. Jeff drives an older model Duramax that is the cleanest old truck you will ever see. He is even rocking the LBZ Life plate for those of you that know the older Chevy’s. With the fleets we service in the area, we have a good amount of Trucks, Suv’s, Vans and cars in here at any given point. Whether you have a gas engine or a Duramax diesel engine, our team has you covered.

Ram and Dodge:

Whether it be a Chrysler or Dodge car, a Chrysler or Dodge Suv or Mini Van, a Ram or Dodge truck, or the super popular Sprinter Van, we know them and love them. We are one of the only independent shops around that specialize in the Cummins Diesel and the Mercedes Diesel that comes in the Sprinter vans. Our mechanics love the stuff that most mechanics are scared of. With our years of experience combined with the frequency our fleet customers bring us these vehicles, we will get you fixed up in a timely manner.