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European Specialists


We are your go-to repair shop for all your European vehicle needs. BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen are all makes that we know just as good or better than anyone.

European Specialist Mechanics:

Our shop foreman, Anthony, has been a European Specialist for the bulk of his career. He knows them and loves them. Although he does enjoy the challenge of working on all makes and models, he has put an emphasis on BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen. Anthony and his team are definitely the mechanics you want working on your European vehicle.


BMW and Mini are by far our favorite vehicles to work on. They build a great car that is also fun to drive. Anthony and his team of mechanics love to diagnose and repair BMW’s. My wife drives a BMW 5 series and my shop foreman Anthony drives a Mini currently. So we don’t just love to work on them…we also love to drive them.

We do have the BMW/Mini factory scan tool. We have access to all the factory diagrams, diagnostic strategies and repair information. We have multiple shops (and even some dealerships) that bring BMW's to our shop to be diagnosed when it is outside of their comfort zone. Once again, our mechanics love them and know them better than anyone.


Mercedes are another one of our favorite vehicles to work on. They build everything from a fun sports car all the way up to their huge Sprinter Vans that are super popular for work vehicles in our area. We work on them all. Taylor is our Mercedes specialist. He spent a good amount of his career working for a Mercedes dealership before moving here to Utah to join our team. Of course he would prefer servicing your super fun to drive AMG sports car…but he will keep your big Sprinter van on the road for you also. He understands the gasoline and diesel engines as good or better than anyone. We have the Autel Scan Equipment to help diagnose any problems that may arise on your Mercedes. We also have access to all the factory diagrams, diagnostic strategies and repair information. No longer do you need to wait to get into the one and only Mercedes dealership in our area. We can take great care of you here at our South Ogden shop.


Audi and Volkswagen are so common in our area that a lot of people don’t realize they really should take them to an Audi/Volkswagen specialist. A general auto repair shop can likely take care of a good amount of service items but there are a lot of things that most shops are not familiar with. Anthony and his team of Audi mechanics know all the important differences between your Audi and other vehicles. We do have the factory Audi/Volkswagen passthrough device to access all computer modules. We have all the tools, factory diagrams, diagnostic info and repair information needed to take care of all your repair needs.

Factory Equipment:

We have made all the major investments into tools, equipment and diagnostic information to specialize in European makes. Every vehicle manufacturer has a slightly different strategy and requires different tools that most independent shops like ours don’t have. We have invested thousands of dollars to have the right tools and equipment to get your vehicle fixed in an efficient manner. We have also invested countless hours in a classroom as long as on the job training to become the best at repairing your vehicle.

OE Quality Parts:

Your vehicle likely requires parts that are not available at the local parts stores like Napa, O’Reilly, Autozone, etc. It is important for the shop that is repairing your European vehicle to know how to source the proper parts and also source parts of equal or better quality than your car came with. Our mechanics and service advisors are well educated in the parts lookup and sourcing process. We have access to the factory parts catalogs so that we can properly identify, estimate and order the right part for your vehicle. We also have a great relationship with many dealer alternative parts suppliers. What that means is that we are able to order a lot of Oe manufactured parts without having to purchase them straight from the dealership. Suppliers like Worldpac, Factory Motor Parts and SKF do a great job at carrying the oe quality parts at a slightly better price than the dealer. They also do a fairly good job of having what we need in stock. What this means for you is a quality part in timely manner at a fair market price.