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Asian Specialists

We love customers that drive Asian makes and our Asian specialist mechanics know your Subaru, Honda and Toyota better than anyone out there.

Asian Specialist Mechanics:

Our lead mechanics Brad and Taylor work on all Asian makes but they have spent a lot of time becoming specialists in Subaru, Honda and Toyota. These are definitely the mechanics you want diagnosing and repairing any concern that may come up on your vehicle. These are very popular vehicles around our South Ogden area as they are affordable, safe and reliable.


We are well known in the area as the Subaru specialists. One of the things that our Subaru mechanics love the most about them is Subaru used the same few drivetrain packages across all their models for many years. This allows us to gain a lot of experience in all the common problems that pop up. We have all the scan tool equipment, factory timing tools and all other tools needed to repair your Subaru in an efficient manner. We also have access to all the factory diagrams, diagnostic strategies and repair information. Once again, our mechanics know and love to work on your Subaru.


One could easily argue that Toyota is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. They have been for years and continue to produce great vehicles. Taylor has gained a portion of his Toyota knowledge from working for the Toyota dealer before moving to Utah to work for our shop. Our mechanics have also spent a good amount of time receiving factory training and most important, years of combined experience working on Toyota models. It is very rare to stop by our shop and not see at least a couple Toyota’s being repaired in our shop. On top of loving the reliability of Toyota, we also find that we love Toyota owners. They tend to be a very proactive consumer that understands maintaining their vehicle properly is crucial to keeping their Toyota on the road for many years and many miles.


We love working on Honda’s! We have several Honda’s ourselves that we loan out to nice folks like you when we are working on yours. Our team of mechanics know your Honda as good or better than anyone out there. As a matter of fact, many shops in the area send Honda owners to us when the problem is outside of their comfort zone. As the owner of the business, I have owned more Honda’s over the years than I can count. Even the dirtbikes my kids and I ride are all Honda’s. They just do a great job of manufacturing vehicles that are affordable yet reliable. Whatever concern you may be having with yours, our Honda mechanics will take great care of you.

Factory Equipment:

We have all of the scan equipment needed to access all computer modules and diagnose any concern you may be having on your Asian vehicle. We utilize an Autel scanner for diagnosing, repairing and programming most Asian makes. We also have all the factory tools needed for things like setting camshaft timing or any other type of repair we may be doing. We are blessed to have amazing mechanics on our team and it is my job to keep them loaded up with all the right tools and equipment they need. This allows them to perform diagnostics and repairs as efficiently as possible. This is good for both you and I.

OE Quality Parts:

We give our Subaru, Honda and Toyota customers a 3 year 100k mile warranty on any repair we do for you. It is important to us to always install parts that have a quality equal to or higher than what your vehicle came with. Thankfully, Asian makes are not as hard to find parts for as the European vehicles we often repair, but it is still important to source parts properly. Our local Napa supplier has a couple of product lines specific to Asian makes. We also have a few other foreign parts suppliers that do a great job at stocking the quality parts we like to use. This allows us to fix your vehicle in a timely manner and keep fair market pricing.