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1.  We love Honda owners!  We have found that Honda owners are generally more educated and consciences about maintaining their vehicles.  We like when we can team up with you as your mechanic to keep your Honda in the safest condition possible.  We have proven over the years that when you as the owner bring your car in for its regularly scheduled maintenance and we as your mechanic keep a close eye on things, your Honda will give you many years and miles of reliable service.

2.  We specialize in Honda’s.  Our mechanics have many years of experience and many hours of training to understand any issue that may come up on your car.  Our mechanics also know the maintenance schedules that the Honda manufacture has recommended to maximize the life of your car, minivan, or SUV. 
The goal of your Honda mechanic will be to keep to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle every time so that they can help you avoid surprise repairs.

3.  Maintenance.  Once again, we know that if we help you properly maintain and service your Honda, it will last as long as you want to drive it.  Not only do we know the maintenance schedule that the Honda manufacturer recommends, but with our many years of experience, we have our own standards that we follow to keep your cost of ownership low by avoiding major failures. 
So whether it be simple fluid exchanges, filter changes, timing belt replacements, or tune-ups, we know when we should do them as well as how to do them correctly.

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