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Audi Specialists

We would love to take care of all your Audi needs! We have a few Audi specialists on our team that will take great care of you.

South Ogden Audi Repair Shop | AB Hadley Inc.

Audi Mechanics:

We have a great team of mechanics that know your Audi as good or better than anyone out there. Your Audi likely requires experience, training and tools that most general mechanics don’t have. We are blessed to have the Audi mechanics that we do. They have decades of combined experience working on Audi’s. Whether you are simply due for service or if you have a concern for us to repair, our Audi mechanics will take great care of you.

Audi Factory Equipment:

Audi requires a good amount for equipment and tools to perform most repairs. We have invested a lot of money and time into our equipment. We do have the factory pass through device that allows us access to all computer modules. Out of all the European makes we repair, I think Audi likely requires the most specialized tools. They even require some special torque bits for a lot of the bolts used to assemble the vehicle. There is no replacement for the years of experience our Audi mechanics have, but it is important that I provide all the tools and equipment needed to do the job efficiently.

Audi Factory Training:

Once again, there is not a replacement for the decades of combined experience our Audi mechanics have. But it is important for us to stay up to date on our Audi training. We have great vendors that make Audi factory training available to us. Whether it be online training, in person training or large expo’s, our mechanics are up to date on all things Audi. Audi is constantly making advances and it is important for our team to keep up with all the changes.

Audi OE Quality Parts:

Your Audi likely requires a part or fluid that is not readily accessible at the local parts supplier. It is very important to install parts of equal or better quality to what came on your Audi. We have access to all the factory parts catalogs. We are also lucky to have great vendors that do a good job of stocking Oe manufacturer parts that we can buy without buying directly from the local Audi dealership. We have vendors like WorldPac, Factory Motor Parts and Skf that do a good job stocking the quality parts we need to repair your car properly. This allows us to repair your vehicle in a timely manner and keep our pricing fair.

Audi Warranty:

When servicing or repairing your Audi, we utilize the Oe specification fluids, parts and processes to not affect your factory warranty. If we do discover a repair your Audi needs that is covered under the factory warranty, unfortunately we do have to send you to the local Audi dealership but will help make that as painless as possible. We obviously repair and service everything we can in house to help you avoid the dealer. We offer our Audi owners a 3 year 100k mile warranty on any repairs we do.