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Why Is My Subaru Overheating

Why Is My Subaru Overheating?

2014 Subaru Crosstrek Overheating Issues

Subaru engine repairs can be one of the highest costs of owning a Subaru.
The best way to avoid expensive engine failures is to:

  • Keep your engine full of Subaru OEM specification oil. Checking your oil every other time you fill-up with gas will help you catch a small issue before it becomes a major engine issue. It is also important to have your oil changed based on Subaru’s factory schedule.
  • Avoid overheating the engine due to cooling system problems. One of the most common engine failures on the Subaru engine is a head gasket failure. Keeping an eye on your coolant level as well as always watching your gauges for any warnings, will allow you to catch a small cooling system issue before the engine is overheated and damaged.
  • Subaru models that have a turbocharger are a little more likely to have engine problems. Turbochargers are great for building more power, but they also create more heat and pressure on engine components. It is even more important to pay attention to warnings while driving. One common thing to watch for on a turbo Subaru is smoke. Once a turbo begins to wear, it oftentimes will introduce engine oil into the intercooler and create smoke from the tailpipe. If you notice this, get it to a qualified Subaru mechanic to be diagnosed.

Subaru’s can be one of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the road if properly cared for.

I have had numerous clients drive their Subaru for 300+ thousand miles without any major engine repairs.

Unfortunately, I have also had many customers need my mechanic to perform major engine repairs as early as 50k miles.

In almost every instance that a major repair was needed, it could have been avoided if diagnosed before failure.

Show your Subaru some love, chose a mechanic that knows the things to watch for during routine maintenance, and don’t ignore any warning signs you may get and your Subaru will treat you right for many years.